Need Our Help?

If you, or someone you know, have a disability and you would like our help, then fill in the on-line form or download and print a form and post it to our secretary. 

Should a suitable device be available commercially then unfortunately it is not considered a Remap job.   This includes modification to homes where a regular tradesman could provide the service.   We are not permitted to compete with commercial suppliers, nor should we.

A resource that may be worth checking out before contacting us is the charity Designability who manufacture several solutions that have been common request to Remap panels in the past.  They also run a loan scheme for some of their devices.  They are based in Bath and their web site is

Note on internet security: If you are concerned about sending details by our https secure on-line form then as an alternative, please download the PDF version & post it the address is on the form.

Please DO NOT put multiple requests on one application as each problem requires a different job reference.   
If necessary use two submissions .   Thanks Click this button to submit online now using a https (padlocked) secure website Or download a pdf referral form for you to post. 
The address is on the form.