Making Things Possible

Leicestershire & Rutland Remap 

Custom-makes equipment to help people with disabilities live more independent lives

  Rehabilitation, Engineering & Movement Advisory Panels

Remap’s unique pieces of special equipment
are tailor-made by volunteer experts and given free to the people
 whneed them. 

Remap is organised into regional Panels and this is the local website of the Leicestershire & Rutland Remap Panel  :  Our HQ website

Corona Virus  

We are currently up and running but at a reduced capacity so there may be delays in delivering our normal service.

Our current Corona Virus operating procedures can be Viewed here.

If you, or someone you know, would like help with a practical problem caused by disability then you can complete a referral form on-line or on paper or just press the HELP button now.   If you do not live in our region then visit the Panel Groups page on our HQ website.

Remap is a very special charity, working through a nationwide network of dedicated volunteers formed into panels like ours. 

Our engineers use their ingenuity and skills to help people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities previously closed to them. 

Because, as well as being inventive and skilful, they also care about people in their local communities who have disabilities.

Our volunteers think these people matter a great deal - enough to give their time and energies for free, taking the trouble to ensure that each item they make really suits the individual person concerned and does the job it is meant to do.

Our appliances are made to measure specifically where 'off the shelf' solutions are not available for a clients' unique problem.


What We Can't Do: 

We may customise a commercial solution for a client such as the baby walker in the slide show above (was specially lowered) but will not compete with commercially available equipment or service suppliers. 

 Should a suitable device or service be available commercially then unfortunately it is not considered a Remap job.