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Local firms highlighted thus

Equipment / Services & Miscellaneous Links

Equipment / Services & Miscellaneous Links


Design supply & loan custom equipment similiar to Remap solutions - worth checking their equiment

BIME The Wolfson Centre Royal United Hospital Bath BA1 3NG

Tel: 01225 824107 Fax: 01225 824111 Website:

Active Hands

Devices for enhancing weak grip - custom gloves ect

Ability Net

Free IT Helpline for Disabled People


Aids to Daily Living part of the Helping Hand Company

Auto Chair

Lifts for scooter etc into vehicles (Derby)

Better Living

Better Living Through Technology : Computer access tools

CTR Lasers

Laser cutting - Neil Pritchett - free help for Remap

Complete Care Shop

All manner of general equipment for the disabled

DesGosling (car mod)

Derby car modification specialist for controls / lifting


Disabled Links Foundation: Comprehensive database of daily living equipment - costly annual fee!


Hardware for car alterations- wheelchair winch could be useful for Remap work - Loughbough based rep

Gerald Simmons

Mobility solutions inc harnesses for wheelchairs


Site for used hand/machine tools

Jim Dorran (car mod)

Coventry car modification specialist for controls & access

Kitchen Equipment pdf

Equipment list put together by the William Merritt centre in Leeds

Lincs Electronic Assistive Technology Service (EATS)

Lincolnshire are the centre for supplying electronics aids as part of the NHS to Leicestershire & Rutland and this page shows what is available

Living Made Easy

Impartial advice and information about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living

Mobility Furniture

Interesting Bed-turns-into-Chair device- The Bingley

Powder Coatings Charnwood

Loughborough based shot blast and powder coat paint facility.

Ask for Aaron 01509 215 181

Quest 88

Specialist bikes and accessories for the disabled. Located in Shrewsbury

Remap Blog

Electronic news letter & discussion site (seems to not be used now GL /Feb 16)


Information website for Remap members


Mobility Scooter drag behind pillion seat - based in Ireland

Style Upholstery

Local professional upholsterer for tricky jobs - Ask for Craig Langton


Specialist Ortho Services - support chairs and harnesses


Towbar mounting system for mobility scooters

William Merritt

Disabled Living Centre Leeds

Hardware, Fittings, Fixings, etc.

Banbury Plastic Fittings

Plastic & metal fixings, medical handles

Webbing Buckles Straps

Webbing and plastic fittings - recommended by GL

Buckles & straps

Buckles & straps [see Linda Horse Wear]


Mounting systems for wheel chairs - expensive but quality. [see Mounts & More UK stockist at Nuneaton]


Non slip high grip material including mats & self adhesive tapes

E Magnets

Magnet manufacturer

Essential Aids

Economical aids inc useful wheelchair clamp for around £13




Ratchet ties & straps

Handrail hardware

(we don't normally fit just a handrail)

Simply Handrails

Heatshrink online

Heat shrink specialist - HuntingdonInformation website for Remap members

Ironmongery Direct


Ironmongery Online



A very extensive range of fasteners and fittings - Near Mansfield


Pipe clamp jaws - useful for connecting stuff to wheelchairs, etc.

Linda Horse Wear

Buckles & clips


Linear actuators and lifting columns


Specialist camera mounts

Mounts & More

All things for mounting equipment - Nuneaton


German supplier of all clamp and support systems for wheel chair mounting

Motion Co

Motors, gears, racks, sprockets & chains

PTSPrecision Technology

Small steel fixings

Pipe Dream Fittings

Pipes and fittings (Ebay shop)

Plastic sheets

Very small quantities cut to order (at a price) For sister site see woodsheets below


Small gears, bearings & transmissions

Ross Handling

Rubber wheels, tube fittings, feet, handles, etc.


Loc-line coolant hose and fittings and all things machinist tip search for Loc-line coolant hose

Rubber Ferrules

Rubber ends for walking sticks, etc.



Simply Bearings

Bearings - excellent website - reasonable postage


Custom spring and wire-form solutions


Springs and associated bits

Steady Mount

Generic clamped mounting device for wheel chair accessories - very expensive.

Symetric Designs

Wheelchair tray mounting system - USA with UK suppliers

The Insert Company

Threaded inserts for Wood and Plastic M3 -M16

The Metal Store

Heavy duty rails and fitting along with metal supply and cutting service


Ebay supplier of pre bent tubing to order

Warehouse aquatics

Tubes and fittings


Very small quantities cut to order (at a price) For sister site see plasticsheets above


Active Robots

Robotic bits

Farnell aka CPC

Electronic, electrical, mechanical - huge range


Small motors & gearboxes (stocked by CPC/RS/Farnell etc)


Robotic electronics - sensors etc (USA)


Robotic bits

Pretorian technologies

Electronic aids - Switcher-4 / Joysticks etc


Control electronics & sensors - Arduino etc


Remote control modules

Radio Spares

Electronic, electrical, mechanical - huge range


Robotic bits


alt-intech (via Amazon)

Plastics (including High Density Polyethylene) sheets, rods, tubes, etc.

AW Aluminium Warehouse

Aluminium stock


Glass fibre & two part polyurethane expanding foam


Polymorph - low temperature mouldable nylon


All things to do with model casting


Plastic sheeting (huge variety) + stainless steel sheet + Dibond aluminium composite

DWR Plastics (foam )

(also on eBay but more £££)

Two part polyurethane foam : GL tests in polly bag with free expansion...

Meduim: grams x 5.2 = ml or 190gram (63+127) = 1 ltr expanded.

Tip: do not compress to form util semi set else bubbles burst and mix flattens

Hard : grams x 6.5 = ml

Fabric UK

Wide range of fabrics, including leather, cloth and notice board fabrics

Hobby Tools Direct

Tools and small bars/tubes in brass, aluminium & copper


Cut ferrous & non-ferrous metals and plastics


Silicon tubes

Rhondama Seals

O rings of all sizes, from the smallest to huge. Can try/test fit parts at their counter in Loughborough.


Sheet material in plastics and rubber


Silicon tubes, sheet & seals

Tapes 2 Go

Very comprehensive range - will send samples


Sugru : self amalgamating rubber putty

Software/Assistive Technologies


Onscreen keyboards & other helpful stuff but very MAC-focused

Camera mouse

Free s/w - uses web cam to track head movements and emulate mouse - can be used with on screen keyboards.

Click N

Programmable virtual key board with word prediction option


Foundation of assisted technology

Google Mori79

MouseOver and more


International Society for Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Midas touch

Free on screen smart keyboard and speech synthesizer

Origin Instruments

Interface devices for Kindle and head mouse, software etc.

Staggered speech

Two-level screen keyboard

Web button editor

Handy button creator

Brain & sensing Open BCI

Pushing the bounds of what can be measured from the human body at a honest price

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