Leicestershire & Rutland Remap - Virtual Meetings

What is a Virtual Remap meeting

Due to the ongoing Corona Virus situation, we plan to operate using virtual meetings to reduce the risk to our group.

A virtual meeting will be where, hopefully, all three officers Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary get together on the evening of second Monday of the month ie the same as a normal panel meeting date.

We will focus on jobs and phone each active member of the panel to discuss between 7:30pm and 9:30pm It may take several calls.

We will follow up with minutes of some sort that will include the treasurer's report etc and raise anything requiring wider group decisions/discussions on the following days by email.

What We Need You to Do:

    • Please ensure you have sent in the status of your job(s) a few days before such a meeting to the Secretary (Graham). Let the Secretary know of any issues or help required to complete a job and we will discuss & try to help.

    • Expenses and paperwork should be posted to the treasurer (Martin) in time for the next virtual meeting (I know not practical for the first one). We will get a cheque sent back to you. As we need two signatures on a cheque there could be a delay if your expenses are not available before the meeting date when we get together.

    • Let us know if it is not convenient to call you by phone on the evening of the meeting.

  • Apply common sense: Keep up to date with the latest government advice and do not visit a client if you have any symptoms at all or have any suspicion that the client could be infected. We know you want to help but your safety is just as important as anyone's.

Quick Contact Reference

Chairman: Ben chairman@remapleics.org.uk 01664 420 388

Secretary: Graham secretary@remapleics.org.uk 0116 2365520

Treasurer: Martin treasurer@remapleics.org.uk 0116 240 2803

Paperwork & expenses to: Martin Grant 13 Ainsdale Fleckney Leics. LE8 8TP