This page carries local Remap news. 

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Jobs completed

Our client wished to drive his mobility scooter in and out through his front door.  None of the commercially available ramps could bridge the sills for the doors to house and porch.  Dick, our latest Remap recruit, solved the problem of spanning the sills leaving our client to choose a commercial product to surmount the external doorstep.

Brian wanted to mobilise, in and out of his kitchen, using a tea trolley but he suffered discomfort from leaning on its bars.  Remap engineer, Dick, made and fitted some gutter arm rests to alleviate the problem.

Referrals received
  • seat for carrying baby on wheelchair upgrading for use by toddler
  • method for carrying tri-walker on mobility scooter
  • stair gate to protect 11 year old girl from falling
  • games controller modification for one-handed use
  • steps for small child using toilet
  • foot switch attachment to wheelchair
  • help with various problems for client with MND
  • help with smoking
  • fixing of pedal exerciser

    Jobs completed

    Three year old Sydney is affected by cerebral palsy.  Her physiotherapist father asked Remap to cut down a rotunda for use by adults to a size that would suit his daughter.  With this he hoped to help Sydney get strength in her legs and develop her capability in transferring thus avoiding the need for slings in later life.  Remap engineer, Jeremy, assisted by Daniel, completed the assignment.

    Here we see the rotunda, its footplate, with foot restraints. and then Sydney sitting, on her way       up and then standing.  She loves her equipment, calling it her "Red", and she makes frequent requests to use it.

    Lateral thinking by Remap engineer, Martin, solved the problem of fitting a tray to a wheelchair on which client, Ruth, could write her letters.  He suggested that, instead of having a tray fitted, Ruth could simply steer her wheelchair under a suitably adjusted over-bed table.  Martin also solved Ruth's problem of manipulating a drawer key by adding polymorph wings to it. 

    Referrals received
    • assistance with gas fire control
    • assistance with bed controller
    • modification of shower control
    • conversion of bicycle to tricycle
    • modification to wheelchair side support
    • modification to computer games controller
    • assistance with moving newly arrived baby and disabled sibling
    • modification of key
    • tray for  wheelchair
    • drinks bottle for attachment to wheelchair
    • modification of a urination bottle to make it more comfortable for teenage boy to use while in a wheelchair
    • an aid to enable a lady with very limited movement to take fluids while in her wheelchair
    • a tray for a wheelchair
    • modification of a key to assist a lady with arthritic hands
    • baby carrier on an elder child's wheelchair
    • modification to a games controller for a quadriplegic young man

      Jobs completed

      Remap engineer, Martin, added a nice chunk of wood to our client's computer mouse to make it easy to manipulate.

      Martin also made a new pad for a walking frame that had been specially made by
      Remap a few years ago.

       young client's parents' request for a special portable toilet support seat was met by our engineer, Mike.  The back and arm rests and the seat cushion are detachable. for transporting/cleaning, and the base has guides underneath that can be adjusted to fit toilet bowls of various sizes.

       engineer, Paul, made an easy-to-slide platform on which a commercial child seat could be attached.  This enabled a mother with dystonia to move her baby around the house safely and with minimum effort.  One picture shows the underside with strapping that secures the seat and the other ...

      Vivek's request for a modification to his wheelchair control knob was met by engineer, Mike.

      A lady with MS uses her two tea trollies (one upstairs and one downstairs) to assist mobilisation.  Martin added plastic reinforcing laminae to make them safer to use.

      Referrals received
      • A gentleman requires a ramp to help him negotiate a pair of door thresholds than are close together
      • Following spinal injury, a lady has the need of a four-point harness for when she is in her wheelchair
      • A lady with MS finds a tea trolley the best means for mobilising but reinforcement is required.
      • A gentleman with rheumatoid arthritis wishes to mobilise with kitchen trolley.
      • The gutter arm rests on a piece of Remap equipment require replacement padding.
      • A lady with MND has asked for help in getting in and out of her car.
      • A lady with Ehlers Danlos syndrome would like to carry her children, 9 and 12 years old with the same syndrome, on her wheelchair.